(Expected release winter 2014)

Discover the incredible secrets Lux has been hiding from everyone as the crew of the Broomer II, a cruiser class mining ship turned battlecruiser, takes on the monumental task of removing Lux as a threat to humanity. But will they have to do it alone, or will a miracle help them save them all? The adventure continues as Dan and Maya rejoin the crew of the Broomer II in an attempt to take down the evil organization, who has made it their goal to obtain control of all inhabited space by using technology stolen from Dan. Join the battle as the powerful mining ship takes on incredible odds in epic battle scenes in this action packed adventure.


When the tragedy that takes Sam’s parents away nearly kills her as well, Tylor, a government super-spy saves her, and raises her as his own child. Sam knows she’s different because Tylor has told her so many times while he was raising her. When Tylor is lost in a tragic accident, she realizes everyone she loves is gone. However, the youngster is not unprepared for life on her own since her pseudo father has taught her many things to prepare her. When she is attacked, her training is tested, and her adventure begins. Who are these attackers? Why would they attack a teenage girl who has lost everything she’s ever known?


Jeffrey Barker is forced to join the military after his rich and powerful father is imprisoned for his many heinous crimes. After a few years of service, Jeffrey joins the intelligence division to take on an assignment to protect and observe a young woman. When his target, Samantha, saves his life during an attack on her, Jeffrey starts to wonder if the legends were more than just stories. Why were these people after the girl he was falling for? Join this action packed adventure as these two young adults discover things they never thought possible, and uncover conspiracies.




She suddenly snapped out of her trance, and set out towards Jeff’s body at a dead run. Chris’s heart fell to the depths of his soul. “Samantha!” he yelled. “He’s gone! Get out of there!” he yelled as he started running towards her. He saw her slide on her knees to a stop at his body, and put her hands on his chest. She tilted back her head, and let out a scream with her eyes shut. Some of the combatants around had noticed the sound, and turned in curiosity. Chris stopped. The frequency of the incoming attacks slowly ebbed to nothing. The body under her hands started writhing, and convulsing. The arms and legs started flailing before becoming a blur of movement too fast to be seen. The young woman seemed to be holding him down with her hands, and her head tilted back towards the heavens in defiance. She let out a sound that seemed to shake the very ground. Her eyes were shut tight, and tears were soaking the sides of her face and into her hair. Nobody around her made a sound while she screamed out the impossibly long song from her soul. The boy’s body dropped from her hands, but her scream continued for several moments before fading slowly to a hoarse whisper. Her hands were shaking slightly from the exertion, and she was breathing heavily.


With her eyes still closed and her head still tilted back to the sky, she slowly stood. Her body turned in the direction of the attackers as the air around her started to sizzle and pop with an activity that lasted several seconds. When the sound stopped, she dropped her chin to face straight ahead, and her eyes opened. They were dark from intense emotion, but piercing. Anger slowly crept into her face, and she started seeking out each of the attacker’s position one by one. Her black hair flicked the sides of her head as she took inventory of them. Each slowly stood from their refuge when they saw her look at them, and made to escape. The young woman became a streaking blur, zipping towards them, sending them flying in various directions. Men screamed from terror as they tried to get away from the blur of the angry woman, but they couldn’t run fast enough. The CSS officers left their positions, and started whooping in celebration. Chris picked up his run again towards Jeff, and stopped next to him. He was alive, and breathing heavily. His wide eyes were looking straight into the darkening sky with a look of utter surprise. When Jeff noticed Chris beside him, his eyes slowly turned towards him.


“She was inside of me,” he rasped.


(Expected release summer 2014)

Talented and intelligent Ru’thin’kanat finds her career as a Royal Guard crumble around her as warring faction, the Bordonels, take over her land, and kill her friend and protection detail; the Empress of Langdest. She’s executed for her association, and subsequent danger to the new faction, but something goes wrong during her ‘termination’. She finds herself in a new and wonderful place: Earth. Her world is gone, and now she must embrace her second chance at life on this strange and unfamiliar world.


Ru is immediately thrust into a world of espionage, and vows to help the man that saved her, Dr. Kalen Rheinhold, exact revenge for his wife’s death. In the process, she’s falls head over heals for a handsome young man. Join her adventure as she battles to free herself from the evil group known as Parmacorp, while acclimating herself to her permanent new world.


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